Rental conditions

The payment of the 1st-month rent and the security deposit must have been made 10 days after the reception of the contractual documents at the latest. The security deposit may be used to cover if needed, any rehabilitation or cleanup costs at the time of the check-out.

To get your keys, you must contact our services with at least 5 days’ notice on +41 22 817 08 17 or by e-mail: in order to fix an appointment to organize your check-in.

Important: No check-in nor check-out on weekends, public holidays and after 5:30pm.

Housing maintenance

Cleaning of common areas (kitchen and living-room) in shared apartments must be regularly done by the tenants. An inspection is organized on a weekly basis by the residences managers.

The cleaning and maintenance of bedrooms or studios, toilets included, are under the responsibility of every tenant. Monthly inspections are organized by the residences managers. Do not hesitate to seek cleaning advice from them.

Night-time silence

For Lausanne, Ecublens & Geneva:

In the best interest of all and in order to ensure the tranquility and safety of the residents, tenants must comply with the residence rules and respect the neighborhood.

Therefore, silence must be observed in common premises and accommodations from 10:00pm to 7:00am.

Visitors must have left the buildings at 11:30pm at the latest.

Tenants shall due respect to the surrounding neighbors and not make any noise outside the building after 10:00pm.


You can terminate you lease agreement for August 31st each year with a 3-month written previous notice.

Early termination between september and may:
In case you wish to terminate your contract before August 31st, you must notify us in writting and present at least one creditworthy candidate willing to take over your lease at the same conditions. In such situation, you must observe 1-month notice for the 15th or the end of the month from the submission date of the new tenant's complete application file.

Termination during the summer season:
If you wish to leave your accommodation on June 30th ou July 31st, and not stay liable until August 31st, you can present us a new tenant by May 31st at the latest. The signature of the new contract, as well as the payment of the security deposit and the 1st-month rent by the new tenant will have to be made by June 15th.