A property management company close to you

Our staff is committed to the principles of integrity, trust and discretion. These values will allow you to build an effective partnership and will thus facilitate your decision-making process.

The Régie Foncière places each client at the heart of its concerns and offers him a first-rate and personalised service at all times. We do our best to anticipate your needs and meet your requests within a short period of time. Such proximity with our clients makes up the main focus of our company in a manner satisfactory to both property owners and tenants.

With its 25 long-standing employees, the Régie Foncière is medium-sized, what provides it a great flexibility, which is inherent to its values of trust, availability and goodwill.

By tailoring our services to the specific needs of each of our clients, we compare them to those of a 5-star hotel, whereas our management and our client relationship are similar to those of an asset consultant.