Linen rental and cleaning service
We offer a linen rental and cleaning service for a few weeks, several months or for the whole duration of your stay.

Linen package Linen package
without maintenance
Cleaning servvice
1,5-piece CHF 200.-/mois CHF 100.-/mois CHF 220.-/mois
2-piece CHF 250.-/mois CHF 200.-/mois CHF 300.-/mois
4,5-piece CHF 500.-/mois CHF 300.-/mois

CHF 450.-/mois

Car park
You wish to park your car within the residence?
Ask your residence managers to check availability and rates.

Bicycle storage room
You can freely and safely park your bicycle in a storage room provided for that purpose.

Our residence managers will ensure you have a pleasant stay.
Do not hesitate to seek their advice, they will be pleased to inform you about the benefits of your neighbourhood.

Waste sorting
Further to the taxed bags legislation, think about recycling! By sorting correctly and systematically your waste, you reduce your expenses and contribute to the reduction of the enviromental impact of our residences. That's why selective sorting containers are available in our buildings.

Our residence also offer leisure areas such as a terrace equipped with picnic tables, a chess game and a tennis table. A good remedy to relax after a long day!